Modernized ER of the University Hospital “St. Anna” in Sofia


On 24th of March, 2016, the Prime Minister B.Borisov and the Health Minister P.Moskov opened the modernized ER of the University Hospital “St. Anna” in Sofia with new helipad. Minister Moskov assured that whit this investment a new longterm state policy has been established, that would provide to all patients medical flights with certified for that activity helicopters.

A helipad in Sofia


The University Hospital “St. Anna” in Sofia already has a helipad. On 12th of March 2013 on that helipad for the first time landed the medical equipped helicopter of Heli Air Services, which henceforth would carry seriously ill patients from the whole country. The landing was a test and the medical team simulated the transfer from the helicopter of the patient on stretcher and his admittance in the ER. The helipad is the fifth build in the hospital in the country. The other four are located in the Universal Hospital Lozenetz  and City clinic in Sofia, University Hospital “St. Marina” in Varna and the University Hospital in Bourgas.

Heli Air Services' helicopter placed a dome on a basilica


On 24/09/2014 Heli Air Services placed a dome on the basilica of Lovech Fortress with one of its Mi-8 helicopter. The dome was mounted with a helicopter as this is the most convenient way to transport the heavy load.

Emergency transport of a severely injured paraglider in Rila


On 05/07/2014 Heli Air Services performed an emergency transport of a severely injured paraglider in Rila, with helicopter A109K2,  to a specialized hospital in Sofia.    The rescue mission can be seen on the video below.

Heli Air Services participated in emergency training at Sofia Airport


On 16/04/2014, "Heli Air Services" took part in the full-scale exercise of the emergency rescue services of "Sofia Airport". All organizations and agencies that are involved in the emergency action plan of the airport participated in the training. The medical helicopter of  “Heli Air Services”, Agusta A109K2,  was designated to evacuate a severely injured passenger after an emergency landing of a plane.