Air ambulance

Heli Air Services provides а wide range of air medical services as:

  • transport of medical personnel and equipment direct to the scene of an incident / acciden or nearby (e.g. road traffic incident, mountain accident etc) and a rapid transport of patient(s) / victim(s) to a hospital
  • planned urgent and rapid transfers of critically ill patients requiring specialized care between hospitals.

The medical flights that we provide are performed by helicopters Agusta A109K2 – specially designed and equipped for emergency medical flights. Our helicopters can perform flights to equipped as well to non-equipped helipads including flights over densely populated areas and to hardly accessible areas up to 4000m. 

The medical equipment on board includes:

  • modern patient monitoring and defibrillator system Corpuls 3 of the German company GS. The data is recorded and can be printed on a 6-channel printer and can also be sent to the hospital during the flight
  • aspirator
  • oxygen system
  • ambulatory bag
  • stretcher and hoist

The air ambulance flights that we provide are customized to match the patient's condition, degree of care required and distance to be traveled.